Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Okay, I had a horrible time getting out of bed this morning! Alarm went off at 5:15am and went off till 5:42am. Coach Ryan was so mad he stormed out of bed. How does one storm out of bed? You throw the covers off and huff off. So 10 minutes later Ry comes back gives me some encouraging words and off to the treadmill I go. I decided just to walk this morning. No running. I did 30 minutes at about 3.5 mph. So I felt pretty good about it.

Kick off party for Team in Training is next Tuesday evening. Ryan will be in Paris, so I need to call a sitter today.

It will be really good for me to meet the TNT coach and get a plan and some more motivation. Ryan found a couple of good begining marathoners plans online so I can have something to look at the next few days or so.

Doing some new cookie designs today. Need to generate some business. Especially since I'll give anyone who donates $100 to my fundraiser 1 dozen cookies...

Boys are wrestling and the baby is day begins

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Anonymous said...

glad to see you hit the treadmill today!!! I think you should go for 10 miles this weekend