Thursday, January 31, 2008

Inured? but SUPERBAD

I went to see a sports med doctor today. My knee was hurting Tuesday and I needed some reasurance or diagnosis. I have taken it easy for a couple of days and still have some soreness and random pains, but it is not as bad.
After x rays and ultrasound, he saw some extra fluid, but not enough to know if there is a tear or other damage.

While I am not running for the weekend, I hope it all feels better. So, Monday, I will have an MRI to see if there is any damage. I hope it is just overuse and sore. I still plan to run the 50K in KC next week, unless the doc says no way!

I made some new IDs for the boys online today. Only funny if you have seen Superbad.


Lindi & Ben said...

hahahah - a family of McLovins. How sweet.

Anonymous said...

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