Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a week...more to come

Where to begin. As I write this I should be in China, getting ready to fly back home. Good Guess, that is not the case. So to start it off, last Sunday morning my brother called at about 8 am. Red Flag. They thought mom had a stroke. Dad took her to the hospital, because she could not move her left leg. Tests began. More tests. More waiting. Tim and Trish drove down from KC to Wichita. By the end of the day, I had cancelled my trip to China and booked a ticket to Wichita, via Memphis. Wait, delay out of Madison, missed the flight in Memphis. Rebooked through St. Louis, changed to Dallas. Delayed. Arrived. Hospital. Hi Mom.

By now she could not use her left arm. They found a mass pretty much in the center of her brain. This meant surgery. In two days. On my mom.

Tash and the boys flew in on Tuesday. We all spent some time together, then off to the OR.

A few hours later, we get good news. "It's NOT A TUHMOH" It was an abscess. Streptococcus Intermedius. How it got there, who knows. The surgical assistant said he has done about 2600 similar operations, and in no more than 10 have they been something other than a tumor. That is .3% of surgeries. A few days in ICU, then the floor. Team Madison heads home on Sunday. Nice to be home, but really glad we were all able to be there for mom and each other. The boys knew something was up, but overall did very well in the hospital and with all the stress.

Jake reading the morning rag...
A beautiful Kansas sunset. You don't miss them until they are gone!

Tim and Sean catching some z's.

Keep Mom in your prayers. She has a long road of rehab to get her left arm and leg moving again. We are now home trying to get back in the groove, and I still have to head to china, but not for a couple of weeks.


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Lindi & Ben said...

I am soooo sorry I didn't call you while you were in the airport, Ryan. BJ called to tell me, and then every other day or so to update me. I'm so glad to hear the news, but also realize your mom won't have it easy for a while. It is nice you could all be together, but what a scare.

AND- nice humor touch to the serious blog: "It's not a toomuh!" hahaha