Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MIA - Mom of 3 was sucked into her own life

Who me, missing?

Yeah, sorry that's what I do sometimes. There are some things that are better left unsaid.

On a fun note. I won the TNT Madness bracket! Which means 100% of the money raised will go towards my fundraising goal! I've never won a bracket before and it was NOT fixed. I picked Ohio State to win it all if that tell's you anything. I'll say that it wasn't that hard this year will all of the "bracket busting" going on. Either way it was fun and thank you supporting my efforts!

Decided we needed a change so for Spring Break, I packed up the kiddos and did the 12 hour haul to Wichita by myself to visit Nanni and Poppi. I was sorry to leave Mr. Man at home all by his lonesome but he did just fine and joined us for Easter weekend and the haul back to Chicagoland.

Now Nanni and Poppi are Mr. Man's parents so technically the are the in-laws. When I told people that I was going to visit my in-laws (gasp) without my husband people where shocked. "Why?" Why not? I have fantastic in-laws who love their grandkids and me. I guess I am one of the lucky ones, and for that I am very greatful. We had a very fun-filled week with them and Aunt IronFish too.

Aunt IronFish is currently unemployed, which is a darn shame, because she is very intelligent, funny and very hireable. If you have a job opening in Kansas City please hire her. You won't regret it. And if you do, well you didn't hear about her from me! She came and spent the week with us as well and it was great.

We went to parks, took walks, went to the Sedgwick County Zoo, went miniature golfing, rode scooters, flew kites, blew bubbles, relaxed on the back deck and enjoyed beautiful Spring weather.

Aunt IronFish and I went a VERY windy bike ride. A very typical Kansas day. Hard ride but got some great tips and encouragement from her. I really appreciated it.

Mr. Man was able to borrow a bike from a friend and we ventured out on a 50 mile bike ride with the Kansas Team in Training group on Saturday morning. It was hard but I really enjoyed riding with them. They stick together when they ride. They either ride in two lines or a single line depending on traffic. They will wait for the entire group to regroup if someone (me!) drops off a bit. Their coach even pushed me along a couple of times. That, by the way was one of the scariest things ever. Kind of cool, but scary! I picked up a lot of newbie cyclist tips from their coaches and really appreciated  it. Wish I could ride with them again!

Easter mass was nice, but slightly difficult as always with the 3 kiddos. The rest of the day didn't end up on as good of a note as I wished it would have but oh well. The drive home was long! Still 12 hours but felt more like 15. Mr. Man and I were trying to talk through a difficult family situation and still really hasn't worked itself out. Hopefully it will. Family wounds are a tough thing to deal with but somehow they always seem to glue themselves back together again.

And here we are it's almost Tax Day! Yikes, I really do need to get those filed today or tomorrow at least don't I? Well, I know where I'm going now.....too-da-loo!

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