Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last 'long' run today before the 1/2 marathon. I started pretty tired but after about 4 miles, I was feeling really good. I had to ease back some as I need to taper and relax some so I am ready for Sunday.

I was out on the trails running today and the greenery is nice, it was overall a really relaxing run. Plenty of soccer at Reddan and dogs at the dog park, but the trails were all mine!!!


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Laura said...

HI! It's Tom's wife Laura (Tom that works w/ Ryan)...

Natasha.. good luck on your first marathon. I fondly remember the first time I hit the 6 mile mark. You will do just fine at the race! I'm training w/ TNT for the Triathlon. :) I"m a little jealous that you are doing the Nike Women's marathon.. I'd like to do that one some day. :) Hopefully I'll meet you at one of the group runs.. if my training ever coordinates! :)

Ryan... good luck on your 1/2 marathon next weekend. :)