Sunday, June 24, 2007

California Adventure!

Now that the family is home again, it is time to let you know that we had a great vacation! Other than the flying and grumpy old people on the plane, we have no complaints.

Luke's graduation was nice, he will now be super frosh at Cardinal Newman HS!!!

Then we hit Disneyland. 3 days in the hap-hap-happiest place on earth...We were all kids for a few days. Ice cream for breakfast was a nice treat! The only things I felt like we missed were the teacups and Alice in Wonderland...the adults did miss most of the grown up rides, but it was just fine with us.
One of the best parts was, after seeing Ian soooo sad when his Lightning McQueen balloon flew off, was seeing him see Mater and lightning, he was so happy, here is the pic of his pure nirvana with Lightning!

Then we went back up north for Sean's birthday party! Good to see more friends and their kids. Sean had a great Animal Planet party.

THENNNN..(as if it will never end) we went to the lake and played on the water. I was able to get up on the wake board, and actually took to it well. It was fun. Tash just didn't have any luck on skis, but she also ran 10 miles that morning, so she gets a pass. The boys loved playing in the lake and jumping off the boat. It will be great to get out there again as they get older.

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