Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, I think we're finally settling back in after our trip. Just in time for visitors! Some friends are coming to visit this weekend and then one of my brothers is going to come stay for a few weeks. I've got a fundraising event with Team in Training this weekend at Rythm and Booms, the local 4th of July event here in Madison. I've got to get decorating cookies today as that is my bake sale donation for the event. Hmmmm...Jake is scooting backwards on his tummy and can really get around that way. He is kind of like a weeble wooble on his belly. He hasn't quite figured out which way to roll or go. It's pretty cute though. Sean is enjoying being 4. He uses the excuse "Well, I'm bigger. I'm 4 now, I can do it" for everything. Ian is the smartest (and cutest) 2 year old I know! Well, it's time to starting Mommying for the day!

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