Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bad Shoe Day

I have put too many miles on my shoes. I have some on order, but my foot is killing me. Oh, the dilema, to buy a new pair, at full price, or gut it out another day. I will need more shoes, it is not like they will go bad, but I would rather not further my foot pains.

About 8 of the 14 miles I ran today were tough on my foot. I am scared it is a stress fracture, but I know new shoes will help the pain.

On another note, I took the big drop at Quarry Ridge yesterday. I was out the for a couple of laps and just decided it had to be done. Huge for me, as I don't have much mtn bike experience. I had to hit it a second time to be sure I did it. Big time fun. I pushed the ride pretty hard yesterday and it wore me out for todays run. I need to be sure my off days are really OFF for the next few weeks, I have been really tired.

Kids and wife are all taking a nap, it is nice and quiet, but I am gonna have to mow soon.

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