Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Daddy, no poiks

What is a poik you ask? Well a procupine has them, you know, porks, they are sharp. According to Sean they are called poiks, or poy-cks. (I am not sure how you spell it, but phonetically try saying it like a Stooge, maybe Curley)

I went a week and a half without shaving recently, thinking that now it is going to be fall, and that means the annual beard trial.

Usually Tash is the one who spurs my shaving first. This time Sean was really not into a goodnight hug with my poiks. So, I shaved. Tough when your kids shun you.

Wouldn't you know it a day later, with the little bit of patchy Irish growth I get. I was called out on them by my, I am back to being poik-free. I have released the wild porks and they can go back to thier cu-pines.

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