Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trail Running with The Dudes

Now that I am back running, I have enjoyed taking Sean and Ian out for a couple of runs with me, in the trailer/jogger. Yesterday we cut across some grass and they loved the bumpy ride. So, today I figured I would introduce them to trail running. We did a big lap at Badger Prairie park. They loved it. I worked hard. There are a few hills there that are pretty steep and add grass, bumps and 110 pounds of kids and trailer, I earned my workout today.
I think I will keep them on the pavement, but I am eager to keep going off road.
While we were out killing time tonight as Tash was fund raising for the marathon, we went to the zoo park. They boys had fun and Jacob ate.
As I was corraling them, Sean said almost done Dad...then he did the monkey bars...BY HIMSELF. I have not seen him try that, let alone do it. I am proud. Three attempts, he completed the first and last, but lost a grip on the second...good job Sean.

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