Monday, September 10, 2007

Star Gazing in Vegas

Okay, I don't feel sorry for Ryan for being in Vegas anymore. Well, except for the fact the Jacob is now officially crawling....everwhere. And he is getting his top two front the same time. Lord, I have forgotten all ready how much work I need to do to keep him safe....from the normal baby-proofing things around the house to his brothers....this is going to be very hard.

Okay so Ryan missed Jake taking off for the first time, but that's okay. He will be home in the morning and will have only missed 2 days of it....So my real reason for not feeling sorry for him....I called to say hello this morning and he was still sleeping at 7:15 am......Okay for some of you that is early but around here that is glorious sleep. Guess with the MTV awards in Vegas last night Ryan and Ryan took advantage of the star potential and found a good spot to "star gaze" until the wee hours. Guess they saw a lot of stars, that's cool and all but don't answer the phone groggy when I'm working on my 2nd pot of coffee. Speaking of it's nearly 9pm and I need to go to bed...night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tash,

Just read your last two posts. I don't care where they are, trade shows are punishment. I've been to far too many. So your right Ryan probably can be excused this time. Count poppi in on those who like the apple farm. I think those were the best I've ever had.