Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold Weekend in Madison

WOW, two posts in two days! Today, if you didn't hear, was cold in Wisconsin. Woke up in the negatives and soon we got to zero. Tash spent some time on the treadmill, walking as she rehabs her ankle ligament. broke. Just over one year old. I will have to "work with" Nordic Track to see what we can do.

Anyway, that forced me outside to run today. We laughed at some people we saw on the way to church running...shouldn't have done that. It was good though. I need to get some trail miles in before the 50K, I think I have the fitness now, but I need to make sure that I have some more strength in my stabilizer muscles for the rugged terrain. So, I went out. It was one degree when I left and 3 times as warm when I returned. It really was not too bad.

I screwed my shoes today. Yes, with screws. Read about it a lot. I can not say it was bad, but need to work on the placement so they do not interfere with my stride. I do not think my wife was pleased with my need to modify expenive trail shoes. But, I did not slip too much and it was OK.

The boys are STIR CRAZY. They all have some wicked bad cabin fever. I do think that it is much easier for them on weekends when I am home to help play or be the bad guy to take that off Tash. But, if it would just get warm enough to play out back it would help so much.

The boys were worried that they would be cold tonight in bed. Ian chose snow pants and a hat, Sean just wanted the hat Mom just made him... They are funny little people.

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