Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heat wave this weekend

Finally, we will have several days of double digit temps. That is good. I hope we get some good time to play outside.

I will be heading to Vegas for work early Feb...not looking forward to that.

I ran at lunch yesterday at about 6 degrees. 8 miles and it felt pretty good. I was going to do the same on the way home from work, but wind chill was about minus I came pretty much straight home and it was 5 miles. I think that is just fine, considering the temp.

We have the new treadmill motor coming. I hope it holds up for a while. Tash is cleared to start walking then running, I am excited for her, I hope/think she is looking forward to that too...we will have to find some races for her soon (spring).

This is Jakes new pose... he loves it. He is a little tripod.

As well, he is having a hard time sleeping lately. Teeth, growing, stuffy nose...who knows. He does sleep well with us in he is in shifts one with momma one with dad...

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Lindi & Ben said...

Ahhhh, those pics are so cute. And I cannot believe you run when it is that cold. Makes me feel like a weeny for not taking the stroller for 3 miles when it's 30 degrees. Maybe you'll inspire me soon - but for now I prefer to mock you. :)