Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If he won't brag I will

Ryan ran the PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll marathon in Arizona this past Sunday and did fantasitc. He finished in 3:33:37 - an awesome finish and personal best. He has been training SO much (long Saturday and Sunday runs...URRGG) but it paid off in a great event for him. I'm know that it meant a lot to Jeromy and his family that Ryan was there to run with them in honor of Glory and www.racecharities.org

Here is a link to an AZ news channel that interviewed John (Glory's Dad) with Jeromy in the back ground. Sorry you'll have to cut and paste....I can't figure out how to link this)


Hopefully Ryan will get on here and recount his experience soon....as soon as he stops limping...and losing toenails....ask him about it, he loves to talk about it and show people. Yes, I know, it's nasty


Poppie said...

Awesome achievement. Who needs toe nails anyway?

Laura said...

Congrats!!! Toenails are totally overrated! :)