Saturday, May 03, 2008

Team Madison does Team in Training 2008 version

Well it is official, I am doing the Nike Women's Marathon again this year as a mentor with Team in Training! and drumroll.....Ryan is doing the Chicago Marathon with TNT as well! So it is even cuter that the boys run around in front of the house "racing" each other yelling "Team in Training Marathon, Team in Training Marathon!"

We are going to have a couple of busy race weekends in October, not to mention the joint training, preschool, Kindergarten, work calendars that we will coordinate between now and then. The fundraising will obviously be a bit more of a challenge this year with two of us but I know that we can do it. Listening to one of our honored teammates today, just brought tears to my eyes and inspiration to my heart. She is a 10 year old 5th grader that is battling leukemia for the second time in her short life. She is so smart and sweet and so wise and caring beyond her years. She made us bracelets with motivational sayings on them as well as a butterfly. That is the nickname that her Mom has given her, butterfly. Thinking of her and her family going through their struggles will help Ryan and I stay focused in training and fundraising. I want a cure for her and all of the others who are trying to really spread their wings and fly into a bright, happy and healthy future.

So my fundraising webstie is set up. It still needs a few tweaks but you can donate online now! Every dollar helps - donate now, donate often and help so many! (We'll get Ryan's fundraising website up in the next week)'donnell

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Amy said...

Wow - TNT is a family affair! I love that. :) I hope I get to meet you this year in San Francisco! Thank you for continuing to raise money for LLS. The money you raise makes a difference in the lives of patients like me. THANK YOU!!!