Sunday, May 11, 2008


FIRST, I finished it. 2008 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Run

Second, I have my fix now. Not that I won't do this again, I likely will, but not any time soon. Maybe a year or two (at soonest).

So, without knowing who wants what in the race report, I will keep it easy. I had fun. I never hurt too bad. I came in 43 minutes before the cutoff. I really had no idea what to expect. Over 15,000 feet of ascent and over 15,000 feet of descent. Lots more rocks and single track than I was led to believe by the veterans.

However, the course was gorgeous, the weather could not have been better. Every runner on the course was friendly and courteous and most importantly watching out for everyone. The rest stops were well stocked, not just with food, but with energized outgoing folks that wanted every runner to finish, and enjoy it.
There are few important women that truly need to be mentioned. They kept me going when I needed a boost. First, my wife, Natasha was on my mind and thought endlessly on this Mothers Day eve about what a great mom and wife she is. I could not have done with without her unconditional encouragement, even though she is damn glad I am done.

Cindy and Glory Gensch. I think (know) Glory gave me the weather and shared her wings with me. Cindy your fight and strength pushed me up some hills that I could have just as easily sat down on and rested. I tried to share RACE Charities with people, and it was on my shirt, your message is getting out there, little by little, but steadily.

Mom, Linda O'Donnell, your fight and progress since your brain surgery has been tough on our family, but you have always stayed strong. Your continued improvements in recovery show me you are not giving up, I could not either.

Angela, I wore Team Trevor socks and his button on my back. Having being swabbed for bone marrow donation just the day before, kept me thinking about the strength you and your family have shown mine, and SO many others. We love being part of Team Trevor and I can't wait to share that with more people.

As for the rest of the race and recovery, I am very happy that I did this. Without a doubt it was a huge undertaking. Never did I feel like I could not make it or felt like I wanted to give up. However, just like in a marathon or a long training run I was convinced that the half marathon is the perfect race. Not today...the half still is a good race but the feeling of accomplishment I have now, is pretty unparalleled. ( in terms of sporting challenges...still nothing holds a candle to being a dad)

I will do this again. Maybe next year, maybe in a couple, maybe 10. But I hope to be running for many years to come, so there is not any rush. I was completely amazed by the average age of the men and women out there. Not like your average 10K full of punky UW kids and tri-guys. They were the real deal. Some refined, some grizzly, but all pretty much beat my ass out there. I finished just a few minutes ahead of a woman that was completing her 17th IAT50. Pretty cool.

Finishing was great. Tash had the boys out a couple hundred yards from the finish and they ran me in. They even tackled a couple of hills with me!!! I carried Jake across the line and we had lots of people cheering for us. I have really wanted to finish a race with the boys and this was a great one to do it.

My per mile times were all over the place from a 10:02 to 25-ish. That one was a longer aid station break. The last 6 miles were pretty slow, but I slugged it out fairly well. I think I learned a lot about ultra events. The people are great, they are often odd, but so am I. There is a lot of great time to enjoy nature and self reflect. That I can do more often. I do want my family to enjoy some more nature with me for a while before I do it again though. Over the next few years I hope to get the stamina and grit in me to improve and enjoy them more every time.

Next is a couple weeks of rest. Tash is now training to enjoy the Nike Women's Marathon again. I will be back in the saddle training for Chicago. Both in October. Stop by our TNT pages and say hi with a quick donation if you can! We will surely ask again later!!! $5 or $50, it all helps!!!


Deez Nutz said...

can a brotha not get a shout out for being there to cheer a brotha on?????

Anonymous said...

Ry, Sorry I did not comment sooner. Mom and I are proud of this accomplishment. I'm proud of all you are doing for several causes.


Lindi & Ben said...

You guys amaze me. Your comments about the women in your life are touching too, Ryan. failed to mention Lindi DeLorio in the important women in your life though. ha!