Saturday, July 05, 2008


IRON-POD 2008 - Madison,WI
Ian O'Donnell was the first and only participant in the 4th weekend Iron-Pod Cool-Guy TRI.
Check out his swim, look at the flow into T1...even stops for a thumbs up with a fan...

Could not have been better through the back half of the trike. T2 was a bit slow then at the turn he was side tracked by spent fireworks.
The kid has a gift!

In other news Ryan is going to do HIS first tri... TBD on that, no goals but to have fun and try hard. It was spur of the moment, as I have talked about it forever and finally bit the bullet. It is a sprint in Pardeeville, I am sure it will be a blast.
Don't forget that Tash and I are still working hard training for our fall marathons. Spread the word about TNT and our fundraising. Donate if you can, and if you did THANK YOU!We had a great get together with a great bunch of neighbors this weekend for the 4th. Really something I hope we can do more often. It was nice to get to know some of the people we do not see or know as well yet. It was a blast watching the kiddos play together... man they have it rough.
Tash just looked at me and said "are you typing?" Why yes I am. She said it sounded like a lot of hunting and pecking; not so...but on that note, it is time tp sit on my arse!

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Aunt Trish said...

Love love love the Iron Pod!!! Great work Ian! I hope to do as well in my race on Sunday!