Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where have we been? Well, those summer colds lastest for weeks and weeks. They are finally gone, yippie.

We have been enjoying summer very much. #1 and #2 are done with swim lessons for the summer and are amazing at it. #1 can swim 20 yards on his front and back without a float belt and #2 can swim almost 10 yards both ways without a belt. I still get a bit nervous when I see them jump off the blocks but they just smile big and swim away. They are getting coordinated enough to actually yell cannonball and then do it. It's pretty darn cute.

#3 is qutie a water child also. He has no fear and just loves to splash and kick. Still trying to keep up with 1 and 2.

Last weekend we went to the WI state fair in Milwaukee. It was hubby's first fair EVER. I still can't believe that he grew up in Kansas and never went to a fair. Anyway we enjoyed seeing tons of animals, neat exhibits, a huge slide, the state food - cream puffs (I thought it was brats, beer and cheese) and a Doodlebops concert. Quite a day and fun for all.

A trip from Nanni and Poppi, a few days at the splash park, lots of visits to the library and now starting to get ready for school. Kindergarten begins on August 26th and preschool on Sept 3. So #3 and I will actually have some time just for us. I don't know if he will know what to do without the others but we'll have fun - or he'll nap.

Sean learned to ride a two wheeler today... he did very well

Training is going well. Ryan and I both had a hard time recovering from the summer sickness and training at the same time. Okay, so we lost a few days here and there but we are thankfully back in the swing of training and feeling much better. He has completed his fundraising goal for Chicago - YEAH. I'm still working on mine for Nike. I still have about $1400 to go so if you have been thinking about donating, please do. Even a $10 donation makes a big difference. It's perfect running weather and I'm waiting for Ryan to get home so I can go. Happy day to you.


stock market chart said...

wow, very special, i like it.

Lindi Ben said...

You sportos! Your in Wisconsin and your kids already know how to swim? You run in zero degree weather. You're crazy! I had to think what "two wheeler" was when you said Sean learned to ride one. I saw the video and said, "Oh a bicycle!" haha. You guys are such parents (and there's no sarcasm in that).