Monday, December 08, 2008

Great Googily Moogily

When will it end?

Soon we hope. All good things come to those who wait right? Everything happens for a reason right? Right.

So we are keeping our spirits high as we work on figuring out what the next step in our life is. No wrong decisions, just adult ones. More importantly Santa is coming soon. Ian is, by far the most infatuated with gift giving. It is hard to convince him that Christmas is not about the gifts, but he is 4 and just wants to go to Target every day and buy things.

He wanted to get me a box of Hot Tamales for Christmas. Funny, but years ago I would have laughed. Now, it it is kind of thing that means more if it is something he WANTS to get me, boy how we change!

We will update some more b-ball and images soon so you can keep up!

Stay tuned.

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