Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school

Well, it's back to school week! Sean starts 1st grade on Wednesday and Ian will start Kindergarten the following week. The boys will be going to the public school here in Gurnee. The 7th largest school district in the state. Try this on for size. There are 31 1st grade classes. If each class has the maximum number of children (25)then there will be 775 1st graders! This building is gigantic and holds 2nd and 3rd grades as well. I'm sure that I am more freaked out about the "hugeness" of the school than Sean is. He has seen his class room, found the gym, met the principal and loves the playground. We will get to meet his teachers tomorrow afternoon. They are doing an ice cream social at a park tomorrow afternoon. Knowing who my child will be with before I just ship him off on a bus will help.

So if 1st grade is that big, how about Kindergarten? Well they have their own building across the street from the "Elementary school 1,2,3." In Gurnee the K is only half day (stinks, I know.) So there are 17 AM classes and 17 PM classes, about 700 students also. I know that Ian wants to go to school all day and be able to use his lunch box so he will be a bit disappointed about the 1/2 days but he's going to school everyday so that should make up for it.

Ian is playing soccer, we'll find out if Sean got on a team this week. I think the boys will both be starting karate in a couple of weeks and we are looking to sign Sean up for Tiger Cubs. Jake will be going to a Moms Morning Out program for a couple of hours a week. So come the middle of September I am going to have 5 whole hours to myself! I might just take a nap, or a get a haircut!

Hmmm, lots more updates on (my Star Wars boys) but I have some downtime and I need to scrapbook!

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Lindi Ben said...

Gurnee, IL? I'll have to look it up. 31 FIRST GRADES???? Holy Sh.... woah nelly that's a lot. .. I'm soooo happy for you to have 5 hours to yourself! FIVE hours? I have about 2 and I love it love it love it. Have fun.