Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A blog fog

I wonder why the words blog and fog rhyme? Hmmm, because I get lost in a fog when I think about the world of blogging? Who is reading about my family and I? Hopefully, it's no one creepy. If you are creepy, stop reading and leave please. I'm paranoid enough. Does anyone really care? Or is it just misguided rants from a stay at home mom of three little boys who doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up?

We complain about not getting things done. Not cleaning up enough, it really shouldn't be that hard to keep a clean home and put things away, right? Well, right. But we have to keep our iphones charged, so that we can hear it when we get a random email, text or God-forbid a phone call. And then there is our Facebook status that we have to change a minimum of at least 3 times a day and be sure to post on everyone else's adventures. And then there are those links to various articles, websites or blogs on their status updates and of course we need to check out those out too.

So really, there isn't much time for speaking on the phone, chatting with neighbors, visiting at soccer practices or writing a loved one a note just to say hi or cleaning my house. People have gotten so busy, they just don't say "hi" anymore.

My Grandma goes over to my Mom's house every morning to have morning coffee, work on her crossword puzzle and maybe catch a game of Rumikub if she can. She knows that computers can show her pictures of her great-grandkids (if my brothers pull them up for her) but I'm not sure she would know what an email is. I think that's great.

With all of the technological devices out there to keep in touch, truly personal relationships suffer. And hence we suffer as individuals, or at least I do. So I need to decide what my time is worth. Or maybe what is worth my time to look at or do on the internet. I think it's too big. Or at least too big for this Momma.

So here I sit typing away when I should be playing a game with my kids...whoops the iphone just buzzed, gotta go it could be an emergency!


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Theresa said...

Tash, Your Blog sounds like me 30 years ago, when the boys were young and I was a stay at home Mom. Really felt like there should be more to life than what I was doing... It's sounds very trite--but relish these days, they disappear before you know it! After the fact, I have felt so blessed to have been able to be home with them instead of working on a "career"! I'm almost 60 & I still haven't decided what I want to do when I grow I'm just waiting for when I can retire! Hang in there---remember, you are an outstanding mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend and are loved by many! Theresa J