Monday, August 16, 2010

Pitches, parades, and Pachyderms

It was a busy weekend around here. The boys had their last T-ball and coach-pitch games on Saturday. Now they are looking forward to soccer starting tomorrow. Or so they say. Last year's famous line was "Mom, I don't like soccer anymore. It takes all of my energy." Really dear? That is the entire point! For you to get so exhausted that you immediately fall into bed and sleep soundly all night long. So we'll see how that goes.

Little man learned how to pedal a big boy bike. It will still be awhle before the 5 of  us can go on a bike ride together but we've all got wheels and know how to use them!

Little man learn to ride ~ video

 Yesterday the boys and Daddy-O marched in the Gurnee Days parade with a ton of other scouts. It was a short and sweet parade and #3  fell asleep in the stroller half-way through the parade!

And now it's time for me to get off the computer! We've got a big birthday coming up on Wednesday, #2 turns 6! We'll celebrating with Super Mario Brothers this weekend. I've got to get a move on with the cupcake toppers and other SMB decorations.

I've got a circus waiting for me to decorate for a 1st birthday party for the cutest twin girls I've ever seen! I'll make sure to post pictures when I resurface from the kitchen!

Happy Monday all! (9 days till the kids are back in school!)

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