Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rainbow Pancakes a new birthday traditon

Today my second son turns 6 years old. He will start first grade next week. Where has the time gone? When I look at his baby pictures and then look at him now, it completely amazes me that it is the same person. How did he go from a baby to a person? An emotional, sweet, loud, compassionate, strong, and loving person. I hope that as this school year starts he finds his own way. His own way to be just Ian. I love you buddy.

So in honor of his birthday, I decided I would try to make Amanda's Rainbow Pancakes as a special birthday breakfast. And they were a huge hit! The boys were amazed at my ability to make simple pancake batter into a colorful meal to fill their bellies.

Here is the happy birthday boy just after blowing out the candle on his pancakes! I think this will be a new family tradition for us!

As I went to clean up I heard one of them say, "It's going to be so cool, we'll poop rainbows later!" Ahhhh, my kids are truly kids and I love that.

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Amanda said...

I love it! That smile is priceless!!! You sure are a fun mom!