Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday spirit

So for those of you who are wondering here is our Advent calendar for this year...

In each envelope is a holiday-ish thing to do each day. Yesterday was "Write a letter to Santa" and today was "Donate canned goods to the needy." I also put a piece of candy in each envelope the night before too. I though about doing it all at once but the boys would sneak all of the candy out of there before the 5th of December I'm sure. Plus with candy the ribbon probably wouldn't hold up.

Here's a shot of the mantle notice the awesome Carolers that my mother-in-law got me collecting! Also notice the creeper coming down the stairs for a peek! He didn't get in trouble for creeping either because he said "Oh Mommy, it looks so pretty. Good job!"

There won't be a ton of decorations this Christmas because of the move, so what I do is going to be nice and special to us. I've got the first batch of Christmas cookies in the oven and a bit of music playing. Happy holiday spirit to you too!

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