Friday, December 17, 2010

Week of waiting and waiting and waiting

I have survived the week alone! Daddy-O will be home tonight and I go pick up his Mom at the airport shortly. Reinforcements, thank God!

So Daddy-O got to KC after a grueling 12 hour drive. It should have only been 8 hours but the weather was horrible. There was a 20 car pile-up and a semi vs car accident on I-55 and he got detoured for awhile. Needless to say he arrived safe and sound and excited and nervous for the first day at the new job. The first week has gone extremely well and he is feeling very good about the decision to go to work for Hallmark. People have even asked when he is going to bring the family by to meet everyone! That is not something that happened with the last job so this is a big plus in my book!

It was a difficult week for me emotionally. I felt like I was just waiting for something to happen. And I was, this, the move, the readiness, the kids finishing school today, the birthday party tomorrow (#3 turns 4!) Now that the action is back, the time to get it all together and go is here I should be good. I was also having a big of the Christmas funk. Not having a tree up this year with all of our ornaments and "stuff" has been harder than I thought it would be. I love Christmas time. I love the memories of Christmas' past and making new memories. With Daddy-O gone and the impending move, it's been hard to make Christmas memories. On the bright side though, once everything is packed up, we'll be headed to Wichita to the Units house (Daddy-O's folks) for the holiday. I'm pretty sure as soon as we get there my holiday spirit will show up in full force!

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