Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good Lord there's been a lot of nasty, nasties around this house the last couple days! Sean is still struggling to recover. Jake is almost back to normal. I'm doing much better thankfully. Ryan says he doesn't get sick! I'm holding out hope that Ian won't get sick! Well, by my workout calendar on the fridge today was my first day of training....and low and behold I actually did it. Said to do 3-5 so I did 3 in 46:24 felt like forever but I told myself that I was going to do 3 miles or 45 minutes whichever came first. So I did pretty good. My knees started to hurt again pretty quick into it. But when I say I did 3 miles I pretty much jogged one mintue, walked one minute. I'm impressed with myself. I can't remember the last time I ran for about 23 minutes. Unless chasing Ian the escape artist around the house into the garage and through the car counts....he's a funny little person...okay I gotta go to bed....it's late for this lady

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WILLIE said...

GO TASH! GO NAT! GO BUBBLES! GO GIRL!!!! Am I a great cheerleader or what? I AM SOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU BUD!! I am so glad to have a virtual running buddie! I am having trouble getting motivated for my 1/2 in July so you gotta keep me going too!