Sunday, August 19, 2007


Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy! We hada great Spidey birthday party for you on Saturday. Your 'kids' came buy to wish you the best for lunch, cake and ice cream.

Mommy is the super party planner and you two had fun. Great presents from your friends and a new bike from mom and dad. Can't wait til it stops raining so we can get you on it!!!

We even had a special visitor show up. Sol Spiderman him self was there. He showed you some web spinning wall climbing tricks.

Then we went to Iowa. Normally Mom and Dad are not too keen on Iowa, but it was for Uncle Timmys Pigman Race. Got to stay in a 'ho-towel' and enjoy lots on playing and chasing the triathletes!!! Some video is below...

(dad will let mom post some more b-day images for all to see!)

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Tim O'Donnell said...

I think it actually SAL Spiderman, not SOL, but I could be mistaken