Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jolly Green Giant

After the big storm last night, that picked up our patio umbrella and tossed it OVER the hosue, we had to mow. Ian happened to be 86% nekkid and had fun playing and rolling and wrasslin' with Sean. Fun for the boys fo' sho'. Good thing it was make a huge mess and turn green day.

Ian literally came inside lookin' like a human asparagus. They had fun.

The boys have been staying up late and keep turning the light on, it is like a game of red rover, send daddy on over. SOOOO.... I took the bulb out. That was a good curve ball, Tash and I are listening to them turn the switch. HA HA, fun for mom and dad.

My foot still hurts after two days off, gonna ride the mtn bike tomorrow, and run on Thursday, hope it gets better. We are excited to watch uncle Timmy race his Pigman Tri Sunday. Sean is ready to use the cowbell (race days only!)

Here is little Carl Spackler...greenskeeper ready!
And big Carl Spackler...


Trish said...

Its even more fabulous that the dipe is starting to fall off. He's got the right face to make Mr. Caddyshack proud!

Watch out for the gofers!

Anonymous said...

Poppi loves it. So does nanni