Friday, August 31, 2007

Kids on bikes and international soccer

Pretty exciting stuff here today. Sean and I decied to take the training wheels off his bike. At first he was really scared, and I didn't let go for more that half a second. Then we hit the hill in the front yard. He did so very good the first time, he went over and over and over again. After dinner we went down the street where there is more grass and a longer hill. He had one run where he rode solo about 60 yards. If he would just remember to pedal he would have it down. He even had a run of about 25 yards on the sidewalk before he turned into the grass. We will see what happens this weekend, I am sure he will keep at it. Here are 2 videos of Sean.

And one of Ian giving it a go. If you have the volume up, you can hear him at the end say..."Man down!" That was good.

I just got back from China and had some time to experience a soccer match in a residential complex. Most of the guys were about 25 years old, showed up smoking to the field, but still ran me ragged. We played for 2.5 hours and it was hot and the field was stinky...but it is so good to be home again. Below is Ryan with Ark and Bart from our China office.

And the view of the area...

I will catch you up on Sean's riding progress before long!

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