Sunday, June 01, 2008

The graduate....whoops that's Sean pretending to be the graduate! He loved Johnnie "graduating hat."

Yeah, for graduations! My little brother just graduated from high school last weekend. The next one isn't for 3 years unless Luke graduates early...he would be the one to do it, the "boy genius." Anyway, the graduation was really nice, the party was fun. We spent time together hanging out. Sean and Ian learned how to Wii and Ryan got his tail handed to him in Wii golf. Good thing they didn't go to the course. (Luke is tyring to qualify for the Junior Nationals.)

We went to Safari West in Santa Rosa. It was such a neat experience. We rode in safari jeeps around a 400 acre preserve and saw so many different animals. Sean, Ian and Jake loved seeing the animals. We did too.

Ryan and my brothers took Sean and Ian to the creek and brought back 6 tadpoles! I thought they would be small..not so! They were huge! The boys were well, so boys with them. It was pretty cute to watch.

I got in a few good runs while in California and came back and did 6.25 today so I'm feeling like I'm getting back into the running groove. I did over 30 miles in May! We received a few donations all ready. Many thanks to the Bains, Karen & Greg, Patti, Grandma Ella, Gerrie and Dr. Hollingsworth! Thank you so much for your help. Your donations help motivate me out the door! Speaking of, I need to go to bed so I can get up early for a spin class tomorrow! Go team!

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