Friday, June 06, 2008

Back on the run...

Me getting my dunk on....

I have officially begun training. I am still easing into it a bit, as I don't want to get injured. But, it all feels good. I am enjoying swimming a lot also.

I was mowing the front lawn tonight and was nervous that Jake would start to cry because of the mower again. He was keeping a close eye on me, but not scared today. He just sat on the bench in front of the house. Happy as a clam, that little guy.

Sean and Ian ran and rode around in the front, just having a blast, but they play rough. I don't mind it so much when it is just them, but when the other kids are around, I want them to back down a bit.

Then we were off on the 'O-Train' ride. That is the bike, the instant tandem and the trailer. All three boys like it quite a bit, and the neighbors are starting to recognize us as we cruise around! Good times for us. I will post a photo of that and of Jake on the bench.

Off tomorrow to participate in my first Team in Training group run. It will be a nice sweatfest! Warm and muggy fo' sho.

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Laura said...

Good to see you out their training this a.m.... and can't wait for a pic of the bike set up you guys have going on! :)